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Защо да изберете моноблок чилър система?

Pfannenberg’s packaged chillers are versatile and ideal for applications that have cooling requirements of 1.1 kW up to 70 kW. All chillers are shipped as factory packaged systems requiring only field power and piping to provide recirculated chilled coolant to virtually any process.
Pfannenberg’s new CC Chillers are ideal for quick setup and trouble free operation.

• Coolant Tank
• Fan(s)
• Controller
• Controls
• Evaporator
• Coolant Pump
• Compressor
• Condenser
• Construction

Selecting the correct Pfannenberg Chiller

Use the chart below to help you select the proper chiller for your application. For questions please consult with the factory or visit our website for the latest charts, diagrams, drawings and sizing materials and PSS software.


Application Examples

Automotive (Manufacturing) Food & Beverage Renewable Energy
Spindle Motor Cooling – High speed spindles need continuous cooling to ensure accuracy and motor life. Temperature control of the tooling is required for high precision cutting applications. Mold Cooling (Injection, Thermoforming, Blow Molding) – Plastic molding involves melting (heating) the material to allow it to take the shape of the mold and then solidifying (cooling) it before the mold is opened so the shape is maintained. The use of chilled water allows rapid cooling of the molds between heating cycles in this high speed process. Solar Inverter Cooling – Power inverters are used to convert the DC power created by solar collectors to the AC power that can be transferred to the power grid. Inverters lose up to 3% of their rated capacity in the form of heat and liquid cooling provides reliable thermal management to keep this renewable energy source on line.
Cutting Oil Cooling – Temperature control of the work piece in machining applications is needed to control dimensions. Chillers provide cooling of the recirculated and filtered cutting oil. Baking Process Cooling – Control for baking processes are normally subjected to the high air temperature and flour-laden environment of the oven system. Cooling control enclosures with chilled water keeps process controls operating in these “hostile” areas. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Compressor Cooling – A by-product of raising the pressure of hydrogen gas for use in fuel cell “engines” is the heat associated with compression. Recirculated chilled water manages the temperature of the both the hydrogen gas and the mechanical compressor.
Hydraulic Oil Cooling – Hydraulic power systems are often the primary driver in manufacturing processes. The heat added to the oil by the hydraulic pump is removed by the chiller either directly, or through an intermediate heat exchanger. Glass Inspection Camera Cooling – The inspection of glass bottles takes place in immediate proximity to this extreme high temperature process. Inspection cameras include a liquid cooled housing that protects the sensitive optics. Storage Battery Cooling – Heat is created in the electrochemical process associated with the storage of electrical energy. Maintaining the temperature of the cells by removing this heat increases the overall efficiency of the storage system. Liquid cooling provides a convenient solution regardless of ambient conditions.
Automation Control Cooling
Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to precisely control the motion in highly automated manufacturing and packaging processes. VFDs can lose up to 3% of their rated capacity in the form of heat, so the enclosures that house them must be continuously cooled. As these enclosures are usually located close to the process machinery, cooling with recirculated liquid provided by a Pfannenberg packaged chiller off ers an efficient, low maintenance solution regardless of the process environment.

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Compact Packaged Chiller

CCE 6101-6601 - up to 6.5 KW

Compact and efficient, the CCE line offers many features found only in larger models. Ease of operation and service is immediately evident from the fully-hinged front access panel and removable side panels, to the large coolant fill port and tank sight gauge.


• Serial produced compact packaged chiller (CCE) certified to UL 1995
• Indoor/outdoor-rated IP 54 standard panel
• For cooling water or water/glycol mixtures
• Rugged construction for industrial use, using non-ferrous coolant cicuits with vented poly tanks
• Service friendly design allows access via a hinged front panel and removable side panels
• Many optional features including louvred stainless steel casings

Packaged chillers

EB LARGE - up to 40 KW

Up to the EB 400 WT the unique modular design packages the coolant circulation and storage part of the chiller in the bottom section and the refrigeration system in the upper section. This arrangement allows warm air from the condenser to be discharged conveniently upward and allows the chiller to maintain a small footprint.

• Non-ferrous coolant circuits with vented poly tanks are standard
• Dual usage possible, e.g. 400 V 50 Hz and 460 V 60 Hz
• More than 30 standard options to meet nearly every application requirement, e.g. water cooled condenser
• UL508a certification on request
• Pressure rated coolant tanks for operation in either closed or open loop systems


Passive Water Coolers

PWW 9.000 - 24.000 - up to 24 KW

The PWW series is a new generation of cooling units based on the passive cooling principle. It has been specially designed for applications where process water is already available. Due to the smart design of the closed loop circuit the PWW can be easily adapted to the existing water supply.

• Closed loop system
• Primary water regulation via 3-way value
• UL508a certification on request
• Programmable controller