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Устройства с конектор M12

Сигнални устройства с конектор M12

M12 connection technology is a widely used standard in the industry.

Pfannenberg now offers a whole range of ready-made signal devices.

Optical signaling devices, sounders and combination devices in all performance classes as well as our signal towers and obstruction lights can now be integrated even faster with this connection technology in your systems.

The advantages of M12 connection technology are obvious:

  1. Increased machine and plant safety by avoiding wiring and connection errors, since the devices no longer need to be opened for assembly.
  2. Circuits do not have to be interrupted or switched off during maintenance, conversion or replacement of devices – this saves time and money.
  3. Assembly and set-up times are considerably shortened or simplified.
  4. Safety in connection technology is one of the most important criteria in plant engineering and mechanical engineering.
  5. M12 plug-in technology creates high flexibility and acceptance by the planner and user.
Pfannenberg product families with optional M12 connection
  1. PATROL series sounder from 100 to 122 dB(A) sound level
  2. Flashing lights of the PYRA series with 5 to 15 J flash energy
  3. Combinations of lightning and sounder with corresponding power spectra
  4. LED lights Quadro-LED-Hi and ABL/ABS LED-Hi, extremely bright and with high IP protection
  5. LED obstruction lighting with 10 or 32 cd, function-monitored and optionally redundant
  6. Elegant signal towers in 50 or 35 mm version
PATROL & PYRA® PIN assignment

In addition to the supply voltage, which is available at PIN 1+ and PIN 3-, the external tone selection at PIN 2 and 4 can be used, for example, for devices of the PATROL series. With QUADRO devices, the operating modes can be controlled separately and with the combinations PA(X) series sounder and flashing light.

Almost all industries use M12 connectors to connect peripheral devices!

Mechanical and plant engineering; Automation, process and warehouse technology; Supply and disposal stations; Conveyor and production belts; Construction of agricultural machines, rail vehicles and vehicles; Frozen and fresh logistics.


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Устройства с M12 конектор
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